Adult Wellness

Seniors, ages 60 and older and the disabled receive services on a daily basis on-site at the agency. 


The Adult Wellness program runs from 9:30am to 2:30pm.  Participants are provided meals, transportation, health and wellness activities, field trips, case management and referrals to appropriate resources. 


Outreach services are provided on a limited basis to the senior apartment complexes located in the Broadway neighborhood.  The overarching goal of the program is to help older adults and those with disabilities successfully age and be actively engaged in holistic wellness while remaining independent.

Our Stories

Shirley Dixson has been attending the program for 5 years. When Ms. Dixson first enrolled she was totally dependent on staff because she was visually impaired. We linked Ms. Dixson to the Cleveland Sight Center and other community services. Ms. Dixson is now walking to and from the bus by herself with the use of a walking stick.  


Harold Brannon has been a participant of the Adult Wellness program for 3 years. Mr. Brannon has led our men’s club meeting for the past six months. Mr. Brannon has started a billiards club amongst the men and they compete with each other at a high level. 


A Letter To Our Program

Why The Art Program Is Important 


Dear University Settlement,


The art program is important to us seniors at University Settlement because it helps us to relax and keeps our minds’ active. It is also very therapeutic and helps us to be creative. 


If we didn’t have our art program it would be very boring. Not only do we work with different colors. When we are creating designs for paintings to be hung in the center. We also work with flowers and other types of material. 


In conclusion we enjoy the art program here at the Settlement very much.  



Barbra Boone