For 91 years University Settlement has been breaking down the barriers that prevent residents of Broadway-Slavic Village from reaching their fullest potential. Through programs that target youth, adults, seniors, and families we ensure that no matter where our community members are in life, they have the resources they need to learn, grow, and thrive. You can play a critical role in helping us meet the needs of all those we serve. By donating to University Settlement, you:

·       Address food insecurity by providing meals and groceries to the community through our Hunger Center.

·       Ensure that families transitioning out of the shelter system remain stably housed.

·       Allow seniors and adults with disabilities to have regular, healthy meals while taking part in activities that enhance their physical and cognitive wellness.

·       Foster positive family development, while encouraging both mothers and fathers to play active roles in the lives of their children.

·       Offer financial literacy and workforce training to adults to help them not only find a job, but also remain stably employed.

·       Help adoptive, foster, and kinship givers to have the resources and support they need.

·       Provide children in our community with after-school tutoring and enrichment programs throughout the year to better prepare them for successful futures.

There are several ways that you can give to University Settlement. Please consider joining us as we work to revitalize Slavic Village by improving the quality of life of all those who live here.