As University Settlement celebrates its 91st birthday, we are proud of the tremendous impact we’ve had over our nearly a century of dedicated service. Throughout its history, University Settlement has been constant and dependable in its commitment to the families residing here --- ahead of them as a guide, behind them as an encourager, beside them as a friend.

University Settlement has been building a fully integrated, holistic social services model where each of the ten programs we offer align and build off of each other in order to most efficiently and effectively utilize resources. For instance, the Building Strong Families, which works to educate and stabilize families in Broadway-Slavic Village, partners with our on-site youth program and school-based staff to offer services to families of the youth we serve.

Through this seamless continuum of care model we are working to transform the delivery of social services. This care coordination ensures the right intervention at the right time. With our multi-disciplinary team, utilizing evidence-based best practices and a person-centric approach that is comprehensive and caring we work through the identification of the complex needs of an individual and their family. In this process, we then facilitate appropriate service delivery internally or make referrals to collaborative partners externally if needed. 



Our Mission, Values, and Commitment



We offer the individuals and families we serve resources by which they can learn, grow, and thrive. 

Core Values

  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Mutual Accountability
  • Dignity
  • Inclusiveness


In an effort to fulfill our mission, University Settlement is committed to:


  • Excellence in all aspects of our work


  • Serving our community with respect and dignity


  • A customer-centric orientation to our programs and services


  • Having our “feet in the street” to encourage authentic community engagement and ongoing community dialogue


  • Aligning our programs and services to address current and pressing community needs and being nimble so as to be able to adjust offerings in line with evolving community needs


  • Building our visibility in the community to be as accessible as possible to those we strive to partner with and serve


  • Operating with a collaborative spirit