School-Based Youth Services

Providing Services in the Broadway Community


University Services provides a variety of services at the following Broadway neighborhood schools:

Willow Elementary School

  • Two Grade Level Reading Specialists work one on one or in small groups with students who have been referred by their teacher.


  • The School Readiness Coordinator (SRC) addresses chronic absenteeism at Willow School through two models of intervention, school based and family based. Using intensive case management strategies, the SRC identifies barriers within households that may prevent students from attending school.


The SRC is also in charge of the day-to-day attendance activities that includes building positive relationships with school staff, parents, and students. The goal of the SRC position is to create a culture that encourages school success and excellent attendance.


Mound STEM School and Fullerton School: the Community Wraparound Initiative


  • University Settlement serves as the Lead Agency in the Community Wraparound Strategy and oversees the Site Coordinators at each of these schools.  Utilizing a community-based approach, the Site Coordinators are designed to provide direct, comprehensive services to students and families to address their educational, physical, social and emotional needs.



I became a social worker because I enjoy helping people... I teach people how to protect themselves and how to become more proficient at using the system we live in.

-Sharra Wimberly
Fullerton School Site Coordinator