Meet Our Staff


Earl Pike: Executive Director - Email

Patricia Gullian: Deputy Director - Email


Jalene Pardon: Finance Manager - Email

Mark Hughes: Accounting Clerk - Email


Sara Amato: Development Manager - Email

Colleen Lipold: Development Coordinator - Email

Youth Programs

Kelly McConnell: Education and Youth Services Manager - Email

Rhiannon Muchwiski: On-Site Coordinator - Email

Kim Corrigan: Mound Site Coordinator - Email

Sharra Wimberly: Fullerton Site Coordinator - Email

Family Programs

Karla Trammell: Systems of Care Manager - Email

Fred Knuckles: Building Strong Families Manager - Email

Lillie Dozier: Building Strong Families Coordinator - Email

Marilyn Perkins: Resources Coordinator - Email

Community Programs

Grace Wright: Community Resources Manager - Email

Sandra Buckner: AmeriCorps NEO Skill Corp Manager - Email

Amanda Miller: Hunger Center Coordinator - Email

DeVaughn Hammett: MJCEC Coordinator - Email

Senior Programs

Allison Woods: Adult Wellness Program Manager - Email

Ricquetta Carpenter: Adult Wellness Activities Coordinator - Email

Patricia Gray: Outreach Coordinator - Email