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It all started in 1926 when…

Case Western Reserve University (formerly known as Western Reserve University) opened a settlement house and called it University Settlement. Hence the ‘University’ and ‘Settlement’. Since then, University Settlement has gone through many changes including serving as a settlement house, an assisted living center, and at one point owned nearly 50 properties in the area. The past 90 years have been a series of learning how to adapt to meet the current needs of the community. There is one thing for sure, serving the residents of the Broadway-Slavic Village area has always been at the forefront of our mission.

The history of University Settlement is a long one, but we are most excited about our future.


What do we do?


We strengthen families and provide resources to help with family preservation

We provide educational programs for youth to address learning gaps

We assist community residents with our food pantry programs

We improve seniors’ quality of life with wellness programs


We educate about financial literacy and employability skills

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