Individuals and Families

received case management and critical resources to help them address trauma, overcome crises, stabilize, and succeed.

“Where would I be without University Settlement? Not here, that’s for sure.” -Client



of students at willow school

that worked with the Grade Level Reading Specialist moved from the lowest possible reading level to the highest possible level of reading proficiency.

“We knew he was behind in reading, but we didn’t know what to do. now we can’t get him to stop reading.” - Client



pounds of fresh produce

are distributed for free to local residents every month at the Hunger Center.

“Not being able to feed your kids is the worst feeling in the world. Because of University Settlement, we didn’t have to worry about that.” -Client


errand trips

helped homebound seniors pick up groceries, get vital prescriptions, and improve their overall health and wellness.

“The change I saw in my mom was remarkable. The best thing I ever heard was my mom laugh again.” -Client



formerly homeless individuals

received services to help them remain permanently housed.

“They were there for me when I hit rock bottom. I’ve never met more caring individuals before.” -Client



individuals enrolled

in work readiness programs through the AmeriCorps NEO Skills Corps, managed by University Settlement.

“I would have never been able to get my job without the training I got. It’s made a world of difference.” -Client

We can give you the numbers…

…but it’s the stories that count.

When Marissa came to University Settlement as a Kindergartener, she was unable to hold a pencil and recognize letters like the first letter of her name. Marissa worked with our Youth Support Specialists during our SmartY’S Summer Camp, and in 6-weeks, Marissa was able to properly grip a pencil and was able to recognize all of the letters in the alphabet. It’s small victories like this that make sure Marissa won’t fall behind in school and will continue to the next grade.

Ms. Kim has been attending our Adult Wellness Program for over a year. It was only a few months ago when she disclosed that she had been living without running water in her home for over four years. Our Adult Wellness Program was able to collaborate with our Family Programs to find resources to help Ms. Kim get the help she needed. For the first time in over four years, Ms. Kim was able to have running water.

We got to know one of the fathers that attended our annual Father Daughter Dance. He told us his name was John and he had actually utilized the services of University Settlement when he was very young. He was enrolled in our Youth Programs and his family often was able to get food at our Food Pantry. He says that it was the help and support from University Settlement that pushed him to graduate from high school. After, he joined the military and served his time and eventually came back home. Upon returning, John developed a drinking problem. He was able to seek help and eventually gain sobriety. Currently, John is still sober and is taking care of his two young nieces that his sister was no longer able to care for. He took them to the Father Daughter dance to spend some quality time with them and introduce them to University Settlement. We are so thankful that John was able to get the help and support he needed all of those years ago and grew to be a veteran, achieve and maintain sobriety, and raise two wonderful little girls.