An exciting year for University Settlement


2016 was a particularly exciting year for University Settlement. Not only did we reflect on our long history as we celebrated our 90th anniversary, but we are also looking ahead. This past year was monumental as we completed our Strategic Plan which will guide us in our efforts for years to come.




Dear Friends,


2016 was a particularly exciting year for University Settlement. Not only did we reflect on our long history as we celebrated our 90th anniversary, but we are also looking ahead. This past year was monumental as we completed our Strategic Plan which will guide us in our efforts for years to come. We were also fortunate to be selected as a Social Venture Partners (SVP) investee. This alliance will provide University Settlement with the vast network of SVP professionals who will collaborate with staff and the Board of Directors in developing strategies to best serve the needs of the Broadway-Slavic
Village community.


This past year marked major milestones in programming. University Settlement served more community residents than ever before, nearly 15,000 individuals, with a broad array of services, including hunger relief, distribution of school uniforms, strengthening families, and financial literacy, just to name a few.By providing comprehensive services, we provide tools and services to empower residents, youth, families, young adults, and the elderly.


Throughout its history, University Settlement has been a constant beacon and trusted mainstay of the community, with an ongoing and unwavering commitment to residents of the Broadway-Slavic Village neighborhood.


We are ever mindful of our history and motivated now and into the future to be responsive and flexible in meeting the needs of the community. That steadfast assurance to the provision of quality programs and services is made possible by our expert staff, committed Board of Directors, generous contributions of our benefactors and funders, dedicated volunteers, and collaborative partners.


Thank you for your commitment, generosity, and investment in University Settlement as together we provide individuals and families, the means to learn, grow and thrive.


Derrick Fulton, Executive Director
Geoff Goss,

Board President



SmarTY'S Students improved Reading Scores


Meals for Adult Wellness



Served through Magic Johnson Empowerment Center


Family's Supported through Family Services


A History of Compassion


Despite the challenges presented by the economy over the years, University Settlement has persevered and continues to offer high-quality, data-driven programs. Established during the peak of the Settlement movement, we were once one of hundreds of Settlement houses created to serve neighborhoods populated by Eastern European immigrants. Services such as nursery school, English classes, and recreational activities were provided. Today, we are one of only 50 Settlement houses that remain across the United States and our work continues to change lives. In 2016 we served 15,000
individuals with vitally needed support and services including:


  • Our Hunger Center made possible a total of 262,260 meals through the distribution of grocery supplies; An average of 120 people attended the weekly congregate meals; Groceries were delivered to 125 homebound clients each month; and 130,000 pounds of fresh produce were provided monthly.
  • Our Housing Program helped nearly 300 individuals and 80 families maintain stable housing.
  • SmartY’S (Smart, Young and Significant) Program provided approximately 125 enrolled youth with academic support, youth development, exposure field trips and Alcohol, Tobacco & Other Drug Prevention education.


Our daily work is focused on removing barriers to help overcome poverty, thus empowering citizens in Slavic Village to maximize their potential. We do this by protecting children, advancing literacy, providing nutritious meals, strengthening families and serving the elderly. With your support we are making a difference in their lives.


Meals Served


Individuals Maintaining Stable Housing


130,000 lbs

Fresh Produce Provided Monthly


SmarTY'S Enrolled Youth


Delivering Help and Hope Throughout the Community


Adult Wellness

The Adult Wellness Program served close to 25,000 meals in 2016 and 100% of clients were offered additional activities to stay engaged, with memory enhancing curriculum and cognitive wellness programming. An average of 35 consumers were provided transportation daily as well as health oriented activities, and nutrition support. Special events included a Luau at Stella Walsh Recreation Center, the very popular Senior Prom Night, and holiday events sponsored by the A. Phillip Randolph Institute.


AmeriCorps NEO Skill Corps

Service members at 10 partner agencies continued to provide financial literacy and workforce development services to adults across Greater Cleveland. As a result of programming, 74 individuals
successfully obtained new employment, more than 500 were assisted in creating reality-based budgets, and nearly 80 were assisted in creating a debt reduction plan based on their credit score. The program also hosted two job fairs that featured a variety of employers, mock interviews, and support in completing applications.


Building Strong Families

Building Strong Families is the umbrella for two programs: Fatherhood Connections and Strengthening Families. These programs provide case management and support groups to help families work better together and build strong social supports. A total of 36 families received case management, with 83% completing their case plans.  The programs hosted 16 rounds of Empowerment Sessions, an 8-week educational curriculum, and all families participating demonstrated significant growth. The programs also hosted their first ever Parent Café to bring families together for networking

Family to Family

Family to Family offers case management and and in 2016 serviced over 450 families with at least one child. Family to Family also provides supportive services to adoptive, foster, and kinship caregivers through Unity Cluster meetings and recruitment events. University Settlement remains the lead agency for the Broadway Collaborative, which now has 25 partners. The Collaborative exists to meet the needs of area residents, individuals and families of the Broadway-Slavic Village neighborhood by enhancing their accessibility to community resources that improve the quality of their life.


Magic Johnson Community Empowerment Center

In 2016, the Magic Johnson Community Empowerment Center (MJCEC) served 683 individuals and  is nearing completion of the “Educade” in its on-site space. This is an educational arcade in which people can actively and creatively use technology to meet their needs. The MJCEC also continued its partnerships with senior apartments Alexia, Lourexis, and Harvard Village to offer tech support and training classes. In partnership with RET3, the MJCEC was able to provide 40 low-cost computers and devices to community members. 

SmartY’S Program

Through a Summer Camp and traditional afterschool programming, the Smart, Young and Significant (SmartY’S) Program served 125 youth with homework help, tutoring, arts activities, exposure field trips, and alcohol and drug prevention services. The majority of youth served attended programming, resulting in their attaining higher test scores: 95% of students improved their Reading scores, 90% improved

math scores on Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) assessment tests, and 100% of students improved their social-emotional competency scores. Parent engagement also increased during the year with most participating in four or more sessions.


Wrap-Around Schools

University Settlement continues to be the lead agency for the Community Wraparound Initiative with full-time Site Coordinators at Mound STEM and Fullerton Schools.


Mound STEM

The Site Coordinator implemented a gang intervention program to address violence concerns in the community and student concerns around this issue, while also working with teachers and other staff to implement a comprehensive safety plan for students.  The Site Coordinator also implemented a character building program for middle school girls and a high school prep program for all 8th grade students.  The Site Coordinator, in collaboration with Cleveland Metropolitan School District, offered camp during the winter break as well as planned additional supports for children who attended
summer school.

Fullerton Elementary

The Site Coordinator facilitated a donation of 200 coats for students and forged partnerships with eight organizations in order to offer additional in-school programming. Fullerton School was recognized as having the highest parent involvement rate in the school district and as an A-List School for Family Engagement. The Site Coordinator assisted in the coordination of 32 parent events with a total of 638 parents attending.


Signature Events




This event celebrates the history and culture of Slavic Village whereby attendees are able to enjoy the culinary delights and specialty foods from local restaurants, beverages courtesy of Great Lakes Brewing Company, and listen to live entertainment performed by the Cleveland-style polka Don Wojtila Band. In addition, guests had the opportunity to bid on many diverse and exciting raffle items. This year’s rousing and well-attended fundraiser also observed University Settlement’s 90th Anniversary serving the community.  


University Settlement partnered with four of the neighborhood’s schools (Willow, Mound Stem, Fullerton and Warner Girls Leadership Academy) to host the inaugural Village Dance, an event for area fathers and their daughters. The affair was held at Bohemian National Hall, it was attended by over 400 people and featured dinner, guest speakers and a DJ. The event focuses on further strengthening the irreplaceable bond of fathers and/or father figures and their daughters and is just one way that the community comes together to celebrate this vital relationship.


prom 7.JPG


Gorgeous sequin dresses, fancy suits, live entertainment, food and dancing! Participants in University Settlement’s Adult Wellness program enjoyed it all at the third annual Senior Prom on August 18, 2016. This formal affair included dinner, dancing and the evening ended with the crowning of the Prom King and Queen. It was a great time, filled with laughter all night long. The Senior Prom was held at Bohemian National Hall. This is just one of the many enriching opportunities offered through University Settlement’s Adult Wellness program. The program centers on a six component Wellness Model which includes intellectual, social, occupation, emotional, spiritual, and physical focuses.


The clothing students wear to school can have a bearing on their behavior, as well as on their attitude. Students who feel safe, secure, and free from threats of violence are seen to perform better academically and are often eager to go to school, improving attendance. Uniforms are a proven means of supporting school structure, encouraging school spirit, fostering a better learning environment, and promoting discipline in students. We believe that uniforms have proven to be essential to learning, growing and thriving in school, and thus better prepare students for life. The feedback we received from many parents residing in the neighborhood regarding student uniforms has been overwhelmingly positive

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Monthly Giving

Commit to supporting University Settlement by donating as little as $10 each month. A small commitment can make a huge difference in the lives of residents in the Broadway-Slavic Village community.




Volunteer your time and skills to University Settlement.

Whether it be through helping in the Hunger Center, manning the reception area, assisting at events, or participating on advisory boards – any help is hugely appreciated.



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Rally your employees or fellow co-workers to participate in Corporate Giving. Challenge your company to match donations that its employees make and make twice the difference!




Leave a legacy that will last for generations. Gift a financial sum or percentage of your estate to University Settlement to ensure University Settlement’s mission in the Broadway-Slavic Village community continues beyond your lifetime.